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Starting Blocks is delighted to present a selection of handy downloadable resources for families and services. Our resources consist of detailed factsheets and simple infographics, in addition to translated resources and suggested links to other beneficial websites.

Each month we release a 'Resource of the Month' where we feature a selected resource and note the main benefits for services and families to download.

Resource of the month

For August 2017, we have selected the 'Illness in child care services' factsheet as our recommended resource of the month.

As the seasons change, cold and flu symptoms can be on the rise. Your child may be more susceptible to picking up illnesses when they start child care as they come into contact with much more people than they do at home. While every reasonable effort is taken to minimise the spread of illness, it is not possible to prevent the spread of all illnesses or diseases at child care services. It is always hard for families to know whether they need to keep their child at home or send them to child care if they seem well enough. Services need to focus not only on the wellbeing of your child, but for every child at the service. This quick and simple factsheet will help you prepare for illness and provide suitable actions to take when it happens. 

Other Resources 

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