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Educators and educational programs

Child development programs and the value of play

Play-based learning is one of the most effective ways your child can develop the basic skills they need to help them grow.

Quality services will offer a program that promotes and extends your child’s learning and development through play. 

Staff at the service will spend time interacting and observing your child’s play to determine their interests. They will use a variety of playful methods including indoor and outdoor games as well as other resources such as cardboard boxes and blocks to encourage your child to use their imagination e.g. using a box with wheels as a car.

Read our fact sheet on programs for children in child care.

You can contribute to your child’s learning:

  • Share information with your child care service about your child’s interests that can be taken into account when planning activities.
  • Ask your child care service about play-based learning and what your child can be doing at each stage of their development.
  • See our ideas on things you can do at home

The education level of educators – what to expect and what the standard is

Proper training helps to provide better outcomes for your child’s learning and development. It’s a good idea to ask the centre director or family day care coordinator about their educators’ experience and qualifications.

There are three types of early childhood qualifications:

  1. teacher level – a bachelor degree or above 
  2. diploma level
  3. certificate level

The qualifications educators need to work in early education and care services are set by the National Quality Framework.