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Hygiene in child care

Your child will come into contact with lots of other people at these services so it’s extremely important the service has a good hygiene practices in place. This lowers the risk of infections being spread and helps your child practise good hygiene at home and when you are out and about.

While every reasonable effort is taken to minimise the spread of illness, it is not possible to prevent the spread of all illnesses or diseases in early education and care services. At some point you may need to keep your child away from your service due to illness. It can be difficult for families to know when their child is sick enough to need to stay at home. Taking time off work or study to care for an ill child at home can sometimes be challenging, so it is important to plan and identify care options in the event that your child is not well enough to attend the service.

Read our fact sheet on ways to lower the spread of infectious illnesses.