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Transition to school

The transition to school can be an exciting and challenging time for you and your child. He or she is going to experience a lot of new things like a change of environment, new learning expectations, rules and routines and developing new friendships.

It’s no surprise that some children find it challenging to adjust to these new changes, so it’s important you provide them with as much support and preparation as possible to get them through this new phase in life.

You can help prepare your child for their first day at school by:

  • Visiting the school with your child before they start so they’re familiar with the classrooms, playground equipment, bubblers, toilets, sick bay etc
  • Helping your child meet some teachers, school office and canteen staff
  • Explaining to your child what the buddy system is e.g. where older children support children in their first year of school
  • Reading books with your child about starting school
  • Being involved in your child’s school community e.g. participating in playgroups, school visiting days, orientation days or other social gatherings like school fetes
  • Attending school events such as a book week parade, an assembly, school concert or an end-of-year picnic
  • Developing good relationships with other parents, especially other parents of your child’s friends
  • Establishing good attendance patterns for your child
  • Develop family routines at home to support your child’s learning at school e.g. read with your child each night, help them with any homework etc.
  • Meeting with school personnel to discuss any concerns, asking questions and/or providing information