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Mama Loves To Share loves Starting Blocks

The decision to go back to work is never an easy one for new parents, but alas, life is not free, bills need to be paid and for some parents, including myself, the thought of going back to work is a welcome relief from staying at home 24/7.

So whether the decision to go back to work has been made for you or you have happily made it yourself, the next step is to think about what sort of care you are going to put your child into and this can soon become quite overwhelming for parents seeming there are so many options out there.

Long day or occasional care? A big centre or a small centre? Family day care, after school care… the list goes on! Wouldn’t it be great if there was a website that covered all of the options for you and made it super easy to search what is available in your area? Well that’s exactly what the new government website Starting Blocks has to offer.

Starting Blocks has free resources for families who are a little unsure about their child care options and tells you what to look out for when choosing a child care provider. The website also includes information on developmental milestones and what you can do at home to help your child grow and develop.

Starting Blocks is very easy to navigate and the information it offers is very easy to read and understand. The colourful squares on the front of the website are information tabs, each with their own useful resource.

FIND CHILD CARE - A search function which allows you to type in your suburb or postcode to find approved education and care services in your immediate area, most of which will have a quality rating next to their details (these ratings are one way of helping you choose the best service for your child, check out the 'At Child Care' page to find out what these quality ratings mean.)

AT CHILD CARE - Tips on choosing the right education and care for your child, how to prepare them for their first day and transitional tips for when they are starting school.

AT HOME - Helpful hints of what you can do at home to help your child’s development, things like play, routine, getting active and hygiene tips.

YOUR CHILD'S DEVELOPMENT - Things to look out for as your child grows from birth to five years and tips on how you can positively influence their physical, social and emotional skills.

The best thing about Starting Blocks is it’s a free resource, accessible to everyone, bringing peace of mind as you do your homework to find the right childcare option for you and your family.

Now to just get through those first day tears! And that means you! Not your child! But that’s another blog altogether…

This article is courtesy of Mama Loves To Share.

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