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Your first step into early childhood education & care


Your child is now a toddler; they like to do things in their own way. Their concentration is better, they are better listeners and will happily play for longer. Always encourage your toddler to ask new questions and face new challenges.

Developmental milestones you may observe:


  • Begins to cooperate with others when playing
  • Curious and energetic, but dependent on adult presence
  • May play alongside other toddlers, doing what they do without seeming to interact


  • Says first name
  • Enjoys rhymes and songs 
  • Says many words


  • Explores and handles objects e.g. banging them
  • Calls self by name, uses ‘I’, ‘mine’
  • Mimics household activities, e.g. bathing baby


  • Takes two to three steps without support
  • Finger feeds efficiently. Can use a spoon or drink from cup


  • Seeks comfort when upset or afraid
  • May become upset easily if tired
  • Assists others in distress e.g. by patting

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