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Your first step into early childhood education & care


At four to eight months your baby already has their own personality. They know when you call their name and can be soothed by your voice. You will start to see your baby become more curious of their surroundings.

Developmental milestones you may observe:


  • Copies sounds
  • Enjoys games e.g. peek-a-boo
  • Smiles and babbles at own image in mirror


  • Repeats accidently caused actions if interesting 
  • Enjoys toys, banging objects and scrunching paper 
  • Develops preference for food


  • More settled with eating and sleeping routines 
  • Laughs especially in social interactions 
  • Happy to see faces they know


  • Reacts when approaching or near another baby
  • Recognises familiar people and stretches arms to be picked up
  • Smiles often and shows excitement e.g. when seeing food


  • Crawls using both hands and feet 
  • Rolls from back to stomach
  • Eyes move in unison as they watch movement

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