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Video transcript - Children explore their world through outdoor play

This is a transcript for’s ‘Children explore their world through outdoor play’ video available here.

Outdoor programs and excursions are an important part of children’s quality early learning, as they help them explore the world beyond their usual environments. This video shows the learning opportunities outdoor play gives children.

00:00 - 00:04
Audio: I think it's a seagull feather, because it's white.
Visual description: A young girl wearing a beige jumper is on a beach holding a feather. A young boy wearing a red hat is standing behind her.

00:05 – 00:09
Audio: [Soothing music]
Visual description: Messages appear on two consecutive frames with pink backgrounds: ‘Children explore their world, express ideas, and learn new things’ and ‘in quality early learning!’.

00:10 – 00:12
Audio: [Children laughing]
Visual description: A group of young children on a beach are seen laughing when the waves touch their feet.

00:13 – 00:15
Audio: [Soothing music]
Visual description: Message appears on a pink background: ‘For more info visit’. The logo appears on the screen.