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Video Transcript - Choosing the right child care service for your child

This is a transcript for the Choosing the right child care service for your child video available here. This video provides information for parents on the various types of child care options available and which options is best suited to them. 

00:00 - 00:06 

Visual description: A house illustration appears with a parent and child graphic shown leaving the house, with the parent graphic having jumbled lines on its head symbolising confusion.

Audio: Are you returning to work and are unsure about the right care for your child? With so many options it's best to start preparing early.

00:07 – 00:12
Visual description: Clock counter and calendar graphics appear, they are counting the days and hours that child care may be needed for.
Audio: Depending on the days and hours you need, there's an option to suit most families. Let's have a look at some.

00:13 – 00:18
Visual description: Family Day Care text appears at the bottom of video then a house, tree, adult and 4 children graphics to show what family day care looks like.
Audio: Family daycare.  Is for small groups provided in the home of a registered carer.

00:19 – 00:24
Visual description: Long Day Care text appears at the bottom of video, city building graphics are shown to indicate that long day with a parent and child graphic bouncing along the frame.
Audio: Long daycare. A childcare center operating for at least 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday.

00:25 – 00:29
Visual description: Preschool text appears at the bottom of video, then A, B, C block shapes fall from the top of the frame. 
Audio: Preschool services. For children aged is 3 till 5 before they start primary school

00:30 – 00:36
Visual description: Outside school hours care text appears at the bottom of video. A sun graphics arches over the video from left to right with a school building and school children graphics appearing below. 
Audio: Outside school hours care. The before and after school care with some operating during school holidays

00:37 – 00:40
Visual description: Occasional child care text appears at the bottom of video. A parent and child box graphic is shown standing opposite each other. 
Audio: Occasional child care. For casual short periods of time

00:41 – 00:50
Visual description: Mobile care text appears at the bottom of video. Van graphic moves along screen in front of house, tree and building graphics. 
Audio: Mobile care. Services that travel through communities to offer occasional, preschool or long day care to rural, urban and remote areas.

00:51 – 00:56
Visual description: Note pad with lines and pen graphics appears to show a waiting list. 
Audio:Some services have waiting lists, so you may need to put your child's name down on more than one list

00:57 – 1:02
Visual description: Grey box with other childcare options texts appears one after each other with a person graphic pointing to the text. 
Audio: And remember other childcare options include family, friends, babysitters and nannies.

01:03 – 1:15
Visual description: Starting Blocks logo comes together to show the full logo and tagline.
Audio: For more information visit Trusted information in need for you to take your first step into early childhood education & care, to help you to make the right choice for you and your child's future.