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Video Transcript - Programs For Children

This is a transcript for the Programs For Children video available here. This video provides information on programs at child care services which is designed to enhance the your child's learning and development. 

00:00 – 00:05
Text: Programs for children

00:06 – 00:10
Text: Child care services will have a program in place which is designed to enhance your child’s learning and development.

00:11 – 00:17
Text: The program will include activities and experiences to develop their thinking, skills, interests and abilities.

00:18 – 00:20
Text: All programs should involve planning for areas of children’s learning and development, including:

00:21 – 00:24
Text: Problem solving thinking and numeracy skills

00:25 – 00:30
Text: Creativity and skills in expressive arts

00:31 – 00:34
Text: Language and literacy skills

00:35 – 00:40
Text: Personal and interpersonal skills

00:41 – 00:48
Text: Physical skills (large and small muscles)

00:49 – 00:60 
Text: Visit Starting Blocks – Your first step into early childhood education and care.