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Video Transcript - About Starting Blocks

This is a transcript for the Starting Blocks About Us video available here. This video provides information to parents about early childhood education and care to help them make the best choice for their child and family. The video also mentions how a child's brain goes through a rapid growth in the first 5 years of their life, and therefore quality early education and care is crucial to a child's development. 

Stating Blocks' aim is to provide families with trusted information on child care, children's developmental milestones and activities to do at home.  

00:00 - 00:05
Visual description: Square box graphics appear. They represent parents and a child. 
Audio: As a new parent we understand you're faced with many decisions about your child's early years

00:06 - 00:13 
Visual description: House with sun graphic going over head with mum, dad and child box graphic bouncing along from right to left.
Audio: These years would shape your child's future So, it's important they have the opportunity to learn and develop everyday. And here's why

00:14 - 00:22
Visual description: Text appears, followed by a parent and child box graphic standing opposite each other. The child graphic slowly becomes bigger to show they are growing with shapes flying above them. 
Audio: Scientists have found children's brain go through a period of rapid growth during their first years. As at this time, they are learning more than they will at any other time in their life

00:23 - 00:33
Visual description: Grey box appears with a graph line going upwards to show how brain function and health outcomes are improved by quality early education and care. 
Audio: And, research shows that those children that experience quality education and care in the first 5 years, have improved brain function and health outcomes as well as better education and employment opportunities.

00:33 - 00:41
Visual description: House graphic appears with 5 graphic boxes above to show various activities that can be done at home such as physical, social or emotional activities. Then the parent and child graphics bounce away from the house. 
Audio: There are lots of activities you can do at home to help your child's development, but if you're thinking about going back to work how do you choose what's right for your child?

00:42 - 00:51
Visual description: A question mark graphic appears, with text of each care option scrolled through. 
Audio: The options can seem daunting, family day care, long day care centres, preschool education, outside school hours care, nannies and au pairs.

00:52 - 00:55
Visual description: A purple box, orange triangle and aqua circle graphic appear from the bottom and then disappear again. These represent the various child care options. 
Audio: What's the difference between them? What are the rules that apply to them?

00:56 - 1:07
Visual description: Starting Blocks logo comes together to show the full logo and tagline.
Audio: At Starting Blocks, we provide trusted information for you to take your first step into early childhood education and care, to help you make the right choice for you and your child's future.